8 Important Exercises for Men

There are sites dedicated to women’s health and fitness, dishing out advice on what women need to do to improve their physique. But there are also sites for men as well that give great advice and wisdom for exercises that men can do to improve their physique. Of which, the following eight are the most prominent exercises which have stood the test of time, and proven themselves to be very effective.

1. Deadlift

The best exercise of all time, this routine works on every single muscle in your body, increasing its strength and expanding them. In turn, they release a massive amount of testosterone which also makes your muscles grow and develop further.

2. Pull-ups

Pull-ups are an especially “big boy” exercise that give you big shoulders and a broad back. Testosterone is also released which also helps to build other muscles.

3. Back squats

Back squats, just like deadlifts, work almost every muscle group in the body, and is especially a favorite of athletes, making them able to jump higher and run faster. Testosterone is also released in high amounts, creating an anabolic environment all over the body for healing and better body growth.

4. Bench presses

Bench presses are great for building the muscles in your chest and arms, expanding your shoulders and also strengthening your triceps. Testosterone is also released in massive amounts that help your muscles grow.

5. Barbell overhead press

The barbell overhead press is great for developing your upper body as the muscles of your abdomen exert great force. Your chest becomes stronger and bigger as a result, and your shoulders develop into cannonballs, metaphorically speaking.

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6. Kettlebell swing

The kettlebell swing exercise helps to work your glutes, improving walking and mobility, and they also help lubricate the hips as it moves, reducing any joint pains that you might be feeling there.

7. Suspended pushup

Suspension-training systems are one of the most effective workout routines there are. This particular suspension exercise helps to improve the muscles of your arms, strengthen your shoulders, and increased muscle growth from the released testosterone hormone. More muscles are also worked as your arms are bouncing around in the unstable handles.

8. Banded good morning

Though this routine looks like it would cause great harm to your back, it does not. It actually does the opposite of developing the muscles located on your back, and the band gives you the mental advantage of thinking that it is a therapy, not a workout, so you are more relaxed, and do more.

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