8 Kick-Ass Partner Exercises using Resistant Band Type


Welcome back to our post on 8 Kick-ass partner exercise moves using resistance bands. Hope you tried the previous exercises given with you r partner? Hopefully you did and you enjoyed them! Here are 4 more exercises:

5) Band Jumps

Partners should stand in front of each other facing away. The resistance band should be looped around A’s waist, with B holding one end in each hand. Partner A steps forward until there’s light tension in the band. Now with B’s knees slightly bent, and hips slightly back for stability, A will jump forward as far as possible. Jump by bending the knees, sending hips back, keeping core tight, and then exploding up and forward. Swing arms naturally for added momentum. Land lightly on toes, then take a few steps back to the start position. This movement should be quickly repeated then roles switched.

6) Lunge and Full Body Rotation

Partners should stand beside each other , each with both hands holding the resistant band to create tension within it. Partners should swing forward simultaneously with the outside leg, each with back kept straight, both knees bent about 90 degrees and tightened core. Hold the band from the bottom of your lunge and rotate away from each other while only twisting the upper body and keeping abs tight. Rotate back to center, push back up to start, and repeat several times before switching sides when tired.

7) Partner Press and Roll

Using 2 resistance bands, partners stand in front of each other, a short distance apart. The partner at the back holds each end of the bands while the partner in front also holds the other ends. The partner in front should move forward to create tension in the bands before performing and completing a chest press by raising arms to his side with elbows bent at 90 degrees then pushing forward while keeping arms parallel to the floor to fully extended elbows. In performing the chest press, the band should be pushed forward focusing on your chest and back too, not just the arms. While doing the chest press, the partner behind should simultaneously perform a complete row by pulling the band up while flexing the elbows and squeezing shoulder blades together
Partners should time each other’s movements so that partner B is at the top of the row (with elbows bent) as Partner A is fully extended in the chest press (arms straight). Exercise should be repeated; with partners switching positions when tired.

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8) Squat Jumps

This makes use of 2 resistance bands. Each partner needs to hold one end of each of the resistant bands while facing each other at a distance not too close. Both partners then stretch out their hands, squats and jumps simultaneously in unison landing on toes. The squat jumps should be repeated maintaining the position of the arms and band tension at a distance.

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