8 Simple Healthy Ways to Lose Stress

Stress has become one of the major causes of obesity and weight gain, because we tend to eat more when depressed and under stress. Is your job causing you to stress out? Or are you Home stressed?

Are you battling with Friends or other things and you just need a way to get all that off your mind? If so, all you need to do is to claim down and take some time out and in this article, you will discover  some of the simple ways to  get rid of stress or at least control it.

1. Breathing exercises

Anytime you are under stress or any form of depression, just relax, take a deep breath in and out, do this for about 4 times and it will help you relax.

2. Listen to music

Music is just an amazing way to release stress, when you are under stress just take a break and listen to a relaxing song. Songs that are calm have a positive effect on your brain and body, they reduce the secretion of cortisol a hormone that is linked to stress.

3. Laugh out

Laughing releases endorphins into your body, that boost your mood and reduce the level of stress you may be under. You can simply watch comedy or try remembering some of your funniest moments with friends and loved ones.

4. Green tea

Taking in some amount of green tea that contains healthy antioxidants, thiamine and amino acid  can also help to calm you down.

5. Exercise

Exercise is a great way to ease stress, so take a walk, stretch or do some jogging around you hood or office and it will help to release endorphins that will reduce stress.

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6. Take a sound sleep

Are you under stress? Then you need a better sleep. Just make sure you give yourself the time to relax and it will really help you.

7. Socialize

You have to go out have fun with friends at bar, a park or anywhere that will just help to get your mind off anything that is causing you stress.

8. Give yourself thumbs up

You have to remember your past successes and then try giving yourself a thumbs-up for the good works, you have done in your past trails. You can even go through your phone and look at your videos or pictures. Doing that will help you to put your mind off what is stressing you at work or home.

Image Courtesy by: telegraph.co.uk, healthaim.com

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