8 Ways to Control Appetite and Avoid Overeating

8 Ways to Control Appetite and Avoid Overeating

Are you still struggling to combat overeating and still have a hard time with this? Here are 8 top ways to control appetite and avoid overeating.

1. Increase your vegetables intake

Eating a lot of vegetable and drinking lots of water can trick your brain into thinking you are eating a huge meal. Foods that are high in water or fiber cause the stomach to stretch and then slowly empty, without any form of bloating and without feeling as though you are on a restrictive diet.

2. Mind what you eat

If the thought of feeling overstuffed makes you groan with recognition, mindless eating maybe be to blame. When you eat and focus on what you are eating ie you pay attention to something may bypass the fullness switch and cause uncomfortable physical sensations of fullness.

3. Eat chocolates

A Dutch study showed that women who ate or even smelled dark chocolate had decreased appetites. Milk chocolates on the other hand, sadly don’t have the same effect.

4. Play with your flavorings

Using aromatic seasoning such as mint, oregano, cinnamon and grated ginger may reduce your appetite. Capsaicin, found in hot chili, has mild appetite suppressant properties according to research.

5. Eating beans

Beans are known to keep blood sugar steady, which helps to avert pangs. Beans is very high in fiber and meet the high volume and low calorie rule and stimulate your appetite suppressing hormone CCK.

6. Eat more protein

Protein is the most filling macronutrient regardless of its source. Protein always makes you satisfied and keeps you filled for a long period of time.

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7. Take an occasional snack

If you have difficulties when you want to stop eating, try eating more often. Eating regularly throughout the day has a way of managing your appetite. Eating little snacks will help you to avoid overeating and better manage your appetite.

8. Eat small portions

The stomach recognizes solids as real food and is not easily deceived by liquid meals. So trick your stomach by eating small solid meals and get satisfied by those small portions quicker and also control your appetite.

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