9 Best Eggs Recipe


Eggs are first class protein and if you paid attention in your science class, you would know that proteins are very essential, especially for growth. Study has shown that people who ate high-protein breakfasts were able to control mid-meal hunger and they consumed fewer calories during lunch hours.

The human body requires a certain gram of protein in the body, therefore, consuming eggs daily automatically becomes one of the greatest ideas especially for your health’s sake.

Here are some

1. Egg masala

These are simple boiled eggs that are put into a homemade spice paste and a crackling temperature. It is very spicy and tasty.

2. Egg chaat

A fresh spin on salads, which is mixed with boiled eggs, tamarind, ketchup, lime, roasted cumin and boondi will leave you wanting more. These are very nutritious to the body.

3. Fried rice with egg and garlic

This takes no time at all, they are made with fried rice and in it, it is mixed with egg and garlic this tends to keep you full.

4. Tomato egg curry

It is very light and they consist of curry egg with the tang of tomatoes and mild spices. It is very good for those watching their weight.

5. Egg bhurji Mumbai style

This are scrambled eggs made in the Indian way. They are mixed with masalas and butter which comes together to make this much loved side they are great with toast bread.

6. Omelette curry

This is simple and very filling this recipe offers a fresh depart from the usual tomato base curry with omelet chunks very tasty.

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7. Egg crescent

Top crescent shaped bread slices with boiled eggs bit bell pepper and mayonnaise for impressive make ahead snacks.

8. Mutta aviyal

This is popular recipes which are made with eggs, potatoes, which are wrapped in southern flavors of coconut, tamarind, mustard seeds and curry leaves.

9. Egg  biryani

Many people really tend to throw away left over rice but it could be used to make something very delicious. Create a serve of an wholesome egg biryani. Eggs are very great at any time of the day

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