Ab Workouts Tips to Get Flat Stomach

In order to get a flat stomach, all you need to do is to eat right and follow the best and most effective ab workouts. Your ab workout must consist of intense exercises that will strengthen your core and your stomach. Read on to get to know about the best ab workout tips to get a flat stomach!

1. A Right Mix of Exercises

In order to get that flat stomach, the first thing to do is to ensure that your ab workout has the right mix of exercises. These exercises should include cardio, as well as muscle building exercises. A perfect ab workout with the right mix of exercises looks like the following workout session:

• Jumping jacks

Do at least twenty jumping jacks to pump up your body, and to prepare it for this intense workout.

• Planks

Planks is a great exercise for strengthening the core. Introduce a variety of planks in your workout, and ensure that you do at least 20 seconds long planks!

• Burpees

This exercise helps to strengthen the lower abs, and eliminate fat from the abdomen. Burpees help to rev up the whole body and its muscles!

• Squats

Squats have been known to be a popular exercise, for years! They not only help the individual to get a flat stomach, but help to tone the legs as well!

• Crunches

Crunches target upper and lower abs, perfectly! Do normal, as well as bicycle crunches, to see the best results

• Mountain climbers

Super intense, and highly effective, mountain climber is an exercise for all muscles of the body!

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• Leg lifts

Leg lifts are essential to target lower abs, and to see ab formation instantly!

• Sit Ups

Like leg lifts are essential to target the lower abs, sit ups effective target the upper abs of the body.

2. Weights

To make your workout more intense and effective, add in weights to your workout. Introduce dumbbells and barbells to your workout routine to get the best results. Dumbbells work best for exercises such as sit ups.

3. Workout Days

Make sure that you do your workout at least three days every single week, to see quick and rapid results! Make sure to not give up on your workout routine, as it will disrupt all your efforts.

4. Best Exercises To do Everyday

Although you are recommended to do your complete workout at least three days in a week, you must do certain effective exercises, every single day! These exercises include planks, mountain climbers and leg raises.

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