How to Add a Healthy Habit to Your Routine


With loads of information about health flying around, you should probably be aware by now that you need to stay healthy. Being healthy has a lot of benefits to it, like reducing your risk of cardiovascular disease, stroke, diabetes, obesity, and immunodeficiency. Being aware of this isn’t just enough if you don’t know how to incorporate the necessary healthy habits into your everyday life.

This is not an easy thing to so many people, and excuses are not so far fetched. Living life without strict rules may seem interesting, but then, you may be doing your health a lot of harm and exposing yourself to several health defects. If you’ve been thinking of how to add a healthy habit to your routine and keep up with it, this article is for you. Keep reading to know more.

1. Check your weight regularly

This is a habit you should get used to, to keep track of any significant changes in your eating or rest patterns. Often, before it becomes apparent to the eyes, an increase or decrease in weight will be felt on the scales, and will alert you to potential issues. Make yourself conscious of the things you eat and the cheat days you take from working out.

To get the best of this, you can choose a specific time when you check your weight daily, be it morning, or afternoon, or at night.

2. Apply morning warm oil

You can apply warm oil on your skin every morning, and massage it in order to support your skin and nerves and also to provide basic nourishment in your body. Allow the oil to soak in before you take a shower and freshen up.

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3. Have a glass of cold water with lemon

Always begin your day with not just water, but lemon water, which will not only hydrate your body but also provide it with rich nutrients. Just get a glass of water and add a couple of slices of lemon, and you have your lemon water. Keeping up with this will help you get used to waking up earlier, freshen your breath, reduce cravings, aid your digestive system, and etc.

4. Maintain a food journal

Not everyone will like to do this, because they may not be able to keep up with it in the long run, but if you are really keen on maintaining a healthy lifestyle, a food journal is one of the best options you can go for. This journal will help you to see whatever thing you eat on a daily basis, including how much or how less you eat. When you eventually weigh yourself and find out that there is an increase, you can easily check your food journal to know what you’ve been taking into your body. This journal will make you responsible for what you eat, and encourage you to eat right.

Adding a healthy habit to your routine won’t be easy, which is why you have to be consistent with it. Eventually, you will yourself living the healthy life you’ve always wanted.

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