Anti-Ageing Diet Tips

Looking good is good business as the saying often goes. And one of the major aspects of looking good is looking your youngest self possible. It keeps you feeling young and energized. A lot of anti-aging cosmetics that are being made these days can seem more like magic beauty potions and they only have an effect on your outer body because they are only applied on the surface area of your body. But there is nothing that can compare or substitute when you eat these things that nurture your skin from the inside out. They play an important role in limiting ageing, and help to protect against skin damage.

However, it goes beyond simple healthy eating. There are researches that have shown specific nutrients that can lead to harm from external factors, hydrate your complexion and keep your skin cells functioning properly.

Here are some foods that will keep you looking young.

Foods that are rich in vitamin C

These foods contain antioxidants and antioxidants prevents damage to cells and to cell DNA that can interfere with the production of collagen, the main protective hormone for your skin.

Your target should be getting at least 75 mg of vitamin C from your meals every day. You can achieve this by planning a good eating routine. For example, a good eating routine would consist of; one orange for breakfast, five strips of yellow pepper at lunchtime along with salad. As for dinner, have a normal sized portion. Also try raspberries, blackberries and cranberries for an extra skin boost.

Foods rich in lean proteins

Studies showed that women with lower protein intakes also had a more wrinkled appearance. As we said earlier, protein provides the essential building blocks of collagen. Eat skinless poultry, fish and egg whites as they are very good lean protein choices. The research isn’t definitive, but a small Japanese study found that women who consumed soy extract for 12 weeks showed improvement in fine lines around their eyes as well as greater elasticity in their skin.

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