Tomiyosi Oyatoye

Body Detox

Body detox is the process of neutralizing the toxic effect of certain substances in the body. Detoxification is the process of removing the physiological effects of substances such as alcohol, addictive substances, poisoning, toxins or drugs from the body. It is the natural way of getting rid of the negative and poisonous effects of these …

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Amazing Lower Body Exercises

Lower body exercises help you to put your thighs in shape, butt and hips. They help you to feel better and stronger. You risk immobility when you neglect your body. When you don’t get to exercise your lower limb often it increases the chances of losing mobility. Your ability to walk, move around, climb the …

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Energizing Foods

Food is a necessity of life. To ensure survival and sustenance, it is mandatory to eat. Food is consumed to keep you alive and ensure the continuation of life. The kind of food you eat determines your health status, your weight and physique. Food helps you maintain your body, they provide the body with nutrients with …

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Ab Workout to Trim the Waist

Getting your waist bigger is actually better rather than bulkier. You make your waist smaller by trimming it, which gets rid of unwanted fat around the waistline and gets the waist into shape. This fat makes the waist become bulky losing its fitness. A slimmer waist help strengthen your core and prevent back injury particularly later in …

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Healthy and Young Looking Skin Tips

It is very essential to keep the skin looking fresh. Taking adequate care of our skin keeps us looking youthful and prevent early ageing. Environmental pollutants, the sun, injury, bathing, creaming the body and other dermatological care play key roles in maintaining good skin appearance. They are all factors that are capable of influencing our …

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