3 Tips for Protecting Your Voice

For singers that tend to sing for a living it is important to always protect and take care of your voice. Singer’s voice can be exhausted leading to sore throat, vocal swelling, vocal breaks or cracks when singing. There are many videos that help with vocal training and tips to helps expand your vocal range, […]

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4 Ways to Avoid the Cold (Flu)

Possibly, the most unavoidable health problem is the flu. It is usually more common in the cold periods, and everyone from doctors, to flight attendants, teachers–basically the everyday working individual–is prone to getting the flu. Here is a combination of different practical tips on how to avoid catching the flu: 1. Get a flu shot

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5 Benefits of Eating Pepper

Peppers are one of the best foods to add to your diets. Not only do they add flavor to your food, they give you appetite to eat. When eaten, they act as toxins for the body, removing waste products with ease in the case of constipation. Peppers also encourage a faster metabolism. The benefits of

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5 Ways to Help One Sleep

Sleeping for some people can be difficult and sometimes medications don’t help but add some problems. In order to be able to better good sleeping, change your habits towards sleeping as some of the things you are doing that is hindering good sleep. A lot of things can cause one not to be able to

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4 Healthy Egg Dishes to Make

Eggs are very healthy additions to your diet if you are on the mission to lose weight. Most times people get tired of eating eggs for breakfast and they skip these highly nutritious food for others non healthy foods. There are many, healthy and fun egg recipes to make that you will enjoy. All you

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