What to avoid eating to protect your singing voice

This is important for singers who want to maintain their voice throughout the year as the wrong foods can cause your voice to be coarse or raspy. It also not about protecting your voice from the cold especially in this cold season. It is about living healthily and eating healthily. Some foods can be harmful to your vocal chords or trigger mucous to fill the throat. Here are a few things to avoid to have a healthy voice;

Caffeine Drinks and Alcohol

Caffeine is diuretic and can cause your throat to be dehydrated leading to muscle contrition. Tight muscles makes it difficult to make a good sound and the more you try to use it to sing, the more you stress your vocal chords. All caffeinated beverages should be avoided to have a clear voice.

Dairy and Dairy Products

This is another group of food to avoid for the sake of your voice. Yogurt, milk, cheese etc. as they increase phlegm production in the throat. Too much mucous makes it difficult produce a beautiful voice. It is important that some of these products are needed by the body and should consumed in light proportions especially not before a performance.

Avoid dehydration

It is important you are much hydrated. Your throat should be moist always.  Coaches do advice to drink water all the time. Carry a bottle with you always to avoid being dehydrated. Fruits and vegetable juice or smoothies are encourages, at least 8 glasses of water a day. Eat more vegetables and fruits.  From fresh raw tomatoes to grapes and apples will help your voice a great deal.

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Foods that trigger all the wrongs things

Most people will claim that they are blessed with a good pair of lungs and nothing they seem to eat strains their voice. If not immediately, gradually it will occurs and you will wonder what went wrong and why your voice is rasp especially if you’ve not caught the flu or have  being over singing. Foods that are harsh to the throat should be avoided or eaten at a minimum. Groundnuts are one of the main culprits people pointed out to be harsh to the throat. It is important to research and learn more. Inquire from your Doctor and avoid foods that you are allergic to as they can bring all manners of problems to your health and your voice.

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