Awesome Weight Loss Tips From Native Indians

The native Indians keep a strict plan on how to stay fit, reasons being that they have a lot of festivals that have to do with them eating. Though the Indian recipes are spicy and carb-rich, you can also make low-calorie recipes from the commonly available Indian ingredients. Below are more details.

When making a weight loss diet plan they always consider the age, gender, weight, metabolic rate, activity level and health condition as a factor, because of difference in everyone’s body. Knowing how to cook an ideal food also helps a lot. Here are some food stuffs the Indians always have on their food list for their weight loss.

  1. Brown rice: It has a glycemic index than the white rice regular Indians like. It also has more fiber and fills the stomach even after you have savored a little.
  2. Beans and Lentils: They help to reduce triglycerides and cholesterol’s, rich in fiber and proteins. Examples are black beans and soybeans.
  3. Leafy vegetables and spinaches: Greens like palak, basella, fenugreek, drumstick leaves and much more. They are rich in water content and have very low calories, contain fibers and folate. These greens do a lot for digestion and metabolic rate not forgetting greens like lettuce and cabbage that, are very good for weight loss.
  4. Cucumbers: They are rich in water content and help to fill stomach without the addition of extra calories in the diet.
  5. Garlic: They help to reduce appetite. It reduces the cholesterol in the body and helps to maintain blood sugar level.
  6. Whole grains: They contain phytochemicals, minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants. Very rich in fiber and low fat.
  7. Nuts and seeds: They alternate bad cholesterol for a good one and are also rich in omega three fatty acids. Examples include pumpkin seed, peanuts, almonds and flax seeds.
  8. Fish: For non-veggies, you could add this to your diet because they bring about losing weight and also are good sources of protein and omega three fatty acids.
  9. Healthy spices: Spices aid in weight reduction. Examples include black pepper, cinnamon, cumin seeds, mustard seeds and cloves.

Some ways native Indians mix their food every day would be discussed briefly below.

1. Early morning

Lukewarm lemon water + honey, or 1 cup of black/green tea without sugar.

2. Breakfast

1 quarter plate of brown/broken bread upma and a cup of low-fat milk, or two rotis alongside a half cup of tofu gravy.

3. Mid morning snack

Eat greens as salads, or low-calorie fruits and nuts.

4. Lunch

A half cup of rice and one roti with vegetable gravy alongside a mixed bowl of vegetable salad and 1 small bowl of raitha or low-fat curd.

5. Evening

Buttermilk, oats cooked in a low-fat milk or water or salted lime juice.

6. Dinner

Eat 2 rotis or one-quarter upma or 3 slices of brown bread. An average Indian individual rotates this diet to keep fit. It doesn’t mean they, do not observe their festivities, all it means is they watch their food intake.


Above we’ve put together some of the weight loss tips that native Indians have actually proven that work.

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