The Bad Things Eczema Does to More Than Just Your Skin


As a person who suffered from very mild eczema since teen-hood, I was shocked to find out that atopic dermatitis literally goes deeper. According to doctors, people who suffer from eczema have a higher chance of being diagnosed with food allergies, asthma, hay fever, obesity and heart disease! Shocking!


The reasons are unclear as of now but doctors believe that it is because of the inflammation caused by the skin infection.

What are the negative effects of atopic dermatitis on a person?

  1. A person’s sleep cycle can be disturbed by having to wake up at odd hours of the night due to discomfort of the itching and sometimes burning sensation.
  2. It affects the immune system thereby causing an increased risk of internal infection for eg; impetigo, cellulitis, etc; upper respiratory tract and urinary tract infections.


To those suffering from eczema, please do find a board-certified dermatologist who can help take care of this annoying skin infection. You can also do research on foods that help to calm the skin and stay away from those that will aggravate the disorder.

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