Beach Wedding Photo Ideas

Your wedding day should hopefully going to be one of the best days of your entire life second only to the births or the adoption of your children. Since the turn of the 21st century, wedding themes have become a big deal. It is no longer just the simple white wedding and a small reception afterwards, couples have gotten married of warships at sea, while skydiving and even under water.

Today, we are going talk about weddings at the beach but specifically, the photos at these weddings on the beach.

Why get married on a beach?

There are so many reasons that would fill up this article but I’ll give you the prime reason: it is super romantic! You can take a break from the “mandatory” cinderallaish theme. Don’t think that fashion goes out the window just because you are getting married on the beach; get your hippie mode on!

Fashion ideas for the ultimate beach wedding gown

Soft, elegant lace is the best in my opinion. You can go for short and form-fitting or long and flowing with any sleeve you like; strap, long or short. And to be more fun, choose a color other than white if you so desire. You can walk down the aisle either barefooted or in a pair of pretty sandals. Either way, make sure that your toenails are on fleek while your husband could wear airy white shorts and a cotton white shirt. Please make sure that he gets a pedicure.

Photo ideas

1. Writing in the sand

You can write a beautiful message in the wet sand, take a picture, make copies, frame them and give them as gifts to your families for supporting the both of you throughout your relationship and during the planning of the wedding.

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2. Footprints in the sand

Instruct the photographer(s) to take angled photos of you and your partner as you walk away from the crowd but make sure to do this when the sun is still out and shining brightly. It shows the both of you becoming one and going of to start your lives together as one.

3. Sunshine Picture

A beautiful picture of the two of you kissing with the rays of the sun beaming through will always remind of you guys of that special day.

If you are not worried about ruining your wedding dress, you and your hobby can have a 5 minute photoshoot in the water but since it is the sea, you must be careful so don’t go to far out.

5. Sunset

As the sun goes down, the lighting begins to change which can be a good thing if you are dealing with a professional photographer. You can also puts candles around to create different lighting along with the natural lighting coming from the setting sun.

6. Through the Ring

Take a photo through your wedding ring while focusing the lens on your partner. Poetic!

These 6 photo ideas are bound you fill up your wedding album with countless pictures of this memorable day.

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