Benefits of Chewing Gum

Many people chew gum every day to keep their mouth busy. Some chew to prevent their mouths from becoming smelly and others actually love the sweet feeling that comes from the taste of chewing gums. Chewing gum has great health benefits, especially for the muscles of the mouth. The quickest way to fight stress and depression is by chewing gum.

1. Improves memory

Chewing gum helps to improve one’s memory and concentration.  Studies have shown that the frequent chewing of gum keeps the mental performance of an individual very high. Areas like memory, concentration and reaction are seen to be greatly improved when one chews a piece of gum. This is because there is an increase in the blood flow to the brain of 25% to 40%, and the speed of oxygen reaching the brain also increases to enhance other cognitive functions.

2. Improves alertness

The body is alert and fully awakened when one is chewing gum. Research reveals that the movement of the jaw stimulates the nerves and the part of the brain responsible for arousal.

3. Reduces stress

Chewing gum helps to combat stress, depression and anxiety in the body and relieves nervous energy from the body. So the best substitute for nervous habits like nail biting, leg shaking or hair picking when stressed is chewing gum. Also studies reveal that chewing gum helps reduce stress hormones in the body.

4. Improves breath

Research found out that a well-known cinnamon-flavored gum called Wrigley’s Big Red, reduces bacteria that causes bad breath in the mouth. The easiest ways to keep the mouth booming with sweet breath is to find gums with flavors, especially those from plants oils.

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5. Prevents tooth decay

The continuous release of saliva while chewing gum helps reduce cavities, gingivitis and acids that cause tooth decay and prevent tooth enamel erosion.

6. Relieves motion sickness

Air pressure during takeoffs or landings becomes heightened and immediately causes pain in the ear, this pain can actually be relieved by just chewing a gum.

7. Helps quit smoking

Chewing gum help smokers to easily quit smoking.

8. Relieves nausea

Chewing herbal gums serve as a natural relief against the feeling of nausea, especially morning sickness. 

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