The Benefits of Switching to a Plant Based Diet

For many years, we’ve been told that fruits and vegetables are good for us. And we now look at broccoli and spinach with a bit more gratitude than we did as younger kids when a large number of us were forced to eat them before being allowed to leave the dinner table. While most of us would love to get by with eating the well-loved desserts and sugary sweets to stay healthy, we know that health doesn’t work in that way. Fruits and vegetables always keep our bodies from getting sick and keep us from becoming sluggish and overweight. The benefits of plant based foods, just like fruits and vegetables, go way beyond making us slim and being illness free. They are also the key ingredient to maintaining a healthier lifestyle choice that is a plant based diet.

How does a plant based diet work?

Numerous studies have shown that a plant based diet provides the body with the required amounts of proteins, healthy fats, quality carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins. Besides, the fact is that everyone should take a B12 supplement. Plant based diets have no shortcomings in meeting dietary needs. It can be very filling, versatile and nutritious and can be custom designed to fit any lifestyle or culinary preference.

What exactly should you eat?

The key is to eat a whole foods plant-based diet, not a processed vegan version. Many processed foods can make up your diet and still be vegan, but going down that route won’t improve your health as well as eating simple whole foods and turning them into tasty meals. Giving your body these whole food sources of nutrients like calcium, fiber, B vitamins,  magnesium, proteins, Vitamin D, essential fatty acids and potassium will keep your cells functioning exactly as they were meant to. They recognize whole foods as sources of energy to break down. Man-made foods require your body to have to decipher what they are supposed to do with them, use what they can and detoxify the rest. A diet heavy in animal-based and processed foods makes it harder on your body and can make you tired and sick.

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