The Best 3 Exercises to Build up Your Ab Muscles

If you want stronger ab muscles then perform these exercises. A few of them in combination even have the ability to give you 6-pack abs. Three of these exercises are described in this section.

1. Banana roll

This exercise may look funny and trivial but it really does build your ab muscles. First lie in a “hollow” position on your back with your arms and legs extended and up in the air, then roll to your left side till you are lying on your belly in the superman position, with your limbs still extended and up in the air. Roll back the same way onto your back. Make sure you use the muscles of your abdomen to roll and not your hips.

2. Body saw

This position is a continuation of the forearm plank exercise. Lie down on your belly with your limbs extended. Bend your feet to stand on its toes on the ground, then bend your elbows and get them under you with your arms straight on the floor, so that you are balancing your weight on them. You should be parallel to the floor, standing on your toes and your arms with bent elbows, with your back straight and rigid and contracted butt muscles. From this position, begin to swing your body forwards and backwards like a seesaw.

3. Glute bridge march

This exercise helps a lot in acquiring 6-packs abs. It also works for your back and hip muscles, strengthening them for better usage in everyday life. Bend your knees when you have lain down on your back with your arms, palms facing down, then lift and contract your hips and the lower part of your back, so that your knees and your back will be in straight alignment. Keep this pose as you lift one knee towards your chest, then bringing it down and lifting the other knee to your chest as well, bringing it down as well, and hence continuing to move your knees in that same marching pattern.

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