The Best 3 Paleo Snacks for Health

The concept of the paleo snacks and foods states, that foods that humans were supposed to have eaten around 10,000 years ago  that is the food of Paleolithic era, are the best and most healthy foods. They include plants and animals that are still around today and that are even still being eaten by some remote cultures and village.

Today in the modern world and in developed nations, these foods are making a comeback in the form of snacks and are a hot topic among nutritionists. Three of these snacks include.

1. Omelet muffins

Unlike grain muffins which are packed with starch and carbohydrates, this food is a mixture of eggs, cut lean meat pieces and vegetables that provide a rich array of nutrients and minerals for your health such as proteins and providing you with only 90 calories. The butter is spread uniformly all over the mixture in a muffin tin that is not sticky, then baked.

2. Trail mix

Trail mix is a snack of a mixture of nuts, fruit, seeds, chocolate and others. This snack does not add too many calories despite the fact, that some of the seeds and nuts are individually calorie intense. The high levels of fiber they contain is what reduces the amount of the calories is absorbed into your body. Trail mix only adds 175 calories to your body. Make sure that the nuts, seeds and fruits used are organic as the chemicals contained in the inorganic foods might cause harm to you and are not the natural foods that humans were supposed to have eaten 10,000 years ago.

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3. Fruits with coconut milk

If you desire to eat ice cream, but you know that it is not healthy for you, there is a better, healthier alternative for you, from paleo snacks. This snack keeps you hydrated and enhances the absorption of certain nutrients, that are only soluble in fats such as vitamin A and vitamin E, both of which enhance the immune system and protect against oxidative damage.

Mix a cup of berries with a quarter of a cup of raw coconut milk and put it in the freezer till it becomes cold. It will provide a total calorie content of 195.

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