The Best, Affordable Running Shoes

The Best Affordable Running Shoes 1

Nowadays, there is an abundance of very interesting footwear for runners to pick from. We have different types of shoes and each has their own unique design, and functions. In order to recognize a pair of running shoes, there are some parts of the shoe which should be taken note of such as the soles, the height of the shoe, its thickness, etc. A pair of running shoes should not have a heeled sole, and neither should it be uncomfortable to be worn.

It is important for running shoe to feel comfortable and relaxing when worn. In this article, we are going to look at the best running shoes which are fully recommended for walking or running. Running shoes are designed for different types of people, strides, feet and types of running. Here are some great options to choose from:

1. Asics Gel-Nimbus 11

This shoe is considered one of the best among shoes for running, jogging and even walking. Specifications: 10.4 (women), 12.4 (men).

Price: $125.

2. Brooks Glycerin 8

The Glycerin 8 are top-rated shoes, and are favored by a lot of runners because they are soft and environment-friendly. Specifications: 10.3 oz (women), 12.6 (men).

Price: $130.

3. Mizuno Wave Rider 13

Not relying on the normal flat insoles, the soles of the Mizuno Wave Rider 13 are a bit like a wave compress, making it an excellent choice for comfort. Specifications: 8.6 oz (women), 10.5 (men).

Price: $100.

4. Newton Running Gravity

These shoes are actually named after Isaac Newton. They are so lightweight that when you wear them you almost feel nothing, which is exactly the feeling most runners are aiming for.  Specifications: 7. Oz (women), 9.4 (men).

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Price: $175.

These shoes may be old but they will still get the job done, giving you comfort and functionality at affordable prices.

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