The Best Cardio Machines For Bad Knees

What Cardio Machine Is Best for Bad Knees1

Once you have suffered a knee injury, whether it is recent or old, it can be very difficult to continue to live an active lifestyle or to even start one. The key to working out without exacerbating a knee injury is to use low impact cardio machines like the ones below:

Why are cardio machines important in the first place?

Cardio machines are meant to increase your heart rate, burn calories, and build muscles and endurance; it makes you more fit.

So, here are the best cardio machines to use if you have a bad knee:

1. Elliptical machine

Instead of running on the treadmill after having sustained a knee injury, you can use the elliptical machine: it is low impact and is also good for older adults who want to keep fit without risking injury.

2. Rowing Machine

The way you use this machine is to strap your feet in while seated. This machine builds up your arms, legs and back.

3. Recumbent Stationary Bike

This type of stationary bike makes you use more of your core and less of your knees: it won’t exacerbate your injuries (if you have any) while still keeping you fit.

4. Resistance Training Machine

The resistance training machine allows you work on your lower body and leg muscles without harming your knees. Remember to work with light weights so as to not injure yourself further.


Please do consult your doctor before continuing or beginning a workout regimen if you have bad knees.

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