What Are The Best Iron Supplements For Women

What Are the Best Iron Supplements for Women1

Iron can be very helpful when it comes to the making of red blood cell which are compulsory for the functioning of the body. The red blood cells carry oxygen, and when mixed with the blood form hemoglobin. These irons can be obtained from different foods and sometimes supplements which contain an amount of iron. A lack of iron can actually lead to anemia, where there is a low level of red blood cells in the human body. For women in particualr, there a number of conditions such as pregnancy, which could trigger anemia, and you will find iron supplements helpful. Here are the best ones to take:

1. Women’s multivitamins

The institute of medicines has actually recommended the use of this multivitamin most especially for adults women going through their menstrual cycle. If you eat a meal which contains a balanced diet, you can gain some amount of iron but taking these multivitamins will help make up for any shortfall.

2.  Iron booster

Vitamin C is another source of iron for the body. When taking your preferable iron supplement or eating any food rich in iron, it can be advisable to drink one or two glasses of orange juice or grape juice coupled with some of the foods which are also rich in vitamin C, such as apples and oranges. Avoid taking your iron supplements with tea, coffee or calcuium supplements.

3. Food sources

You should actually consider natural food sources before taking iron supplements. Apart from the fruits and juices mentioned above, here are some other great natural sources of iron:

Legumes, tofu, leafy greens, dark chocolate, okra, palm oil, fortified breakfast cereals, for example cream of wheat, liver etc.

Women who suffer from anemia can follow the steps which have been stated above by taking the correct food for iron deficiency and also iron supplements to boost the amount of iron in the system.

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