The Best Low-Carb Induction Meal


Generally in this article, we are going to learn more about low-carb meals and also the best low-carb induction meals. But first, what exactly are ‘low-carb meals’? These are basically meals that are planned for people who are overweight and trying to burn some calories. People on diets mostly seek these types meal plans as it helps them stay away from starchy carbohydrate foods that cause more harm to their health. These can also be regarded as second versions of a meal. Most individuals on diets tend to crave certain foods which they should not eat, for example, chocolate, burgers, doughnuts and other types of junk foods. The low-carb meal is there to serve as an alternate but much healthier version of these items.

The makers of these meal plans promise to help Atkins and other low-carb diet devotees stay committed to their weight loss plan while satisfying their hunger with these meals.


The Institute of Medicine (IOM) has revealed that the daily carb intake of both adults and children which have passed the age of 1 should be no more than 130 grams a day.

It has been revealed that most people tend to exceed this daily amount. According to the organisation, men consume about 200 to 330 grams of carbs each day. Whilst on the other hand, women eat around 180 to 230 grams daily.



Restricting carbs causes your body to burn fat for fuel instead of burning glucose and that is how a low carb diet helps burn calories and produces rapid weight loss. Below are two of the most well-known low carb meals which are regarded as the best. These are:

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In this low-carb plan, which has a 40-year history, there are two steps to lose weight: Atkins 20 and Atkins 40. The original low-carb program which is the Atkins 20 is specially made for those individuals whose aim is to lose 40 pounds or more. In the first phase you are limited to 20 grams of net carbs but you get to eat foods which are mostly animal protein, low-carb veggies and nuts. As you lose weight, you advance to the next phase.


There is not much difference between this low-carb diet and the Atkins 20. The south beach is divided into two phases. However in this case you are not counting carbs like the Atkins 20 but you are limited to specific very-low carb foods. The first phase, includes sources of lean meat like, poultry and fish. In this diet, the more you progress with your weight loss, the more carbs (such as fruits and veggies) you get to add to your diet.

The use of the low-carb meal is only limited to the choice of the individual. If neither the Atkins or south beach diets sound right for you, then you can also register with a dietitian who can come up with a meal plan specifically tailored to you.



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