The Best Prescription Weight Loss Pills

The Best Prescription Weight-Loss Pills 1

Over the-counter-the-counter weight- loss pills that haven’t been thoroughly studied are a dime a dozen. Some prescription weight-loss drugs do have sight effects, that’s why it’s highly important to consult your doctor before using any of them to see which one works for you. There’s no one weight loss pill that works for everyone. That’s why there’s a whole market out there. We all have different body types. Some of the pills worth looking into however are:

1. Appetite Suppressants

For people who continuously eat and can’t stop it due to various reasons, the best way to tackle this might be through the use of appetite suppressants. There are three major groups of prescription for appetite suppressants: phertermine, diethylproprion and phendimetrazine. While their chemical makeup is somewhat different, all three types affect the area of the brain that controls appetite and mood. Appetite suppressants should only be used for 12 weeks or less.

2. Qsymia

Qsymia is a weight-loss pill and it contains phentermine and topiramate (a compotent that has addictive qualities). As always, before using this medication, talk to your doctor so you can go through the possible side effects of it all. You may experience side effects such as insomnia, increased heart rate, depression or thoughts of suicide. Significant mood changes could also occur.

3. Off-Label Prescriptions

This category has the drugs that were primarily made for the use of other medical conditions, but can also be used as weight-loss pills. So because they are not mainly for weight loss purposes, they are not easily prescribed, and doctors are alert and cautious about recommending them. The antidepressant bupropion, sold under the brand name Wellbutrin, causes weight loss. Since it also improves mood, it could help people who overeat out of depression or anxiety. The diabetes drug metformin and the anti-seizure medication topiramate also cause weight loss and can be prescribed to obese patients.

4. Meridia

Until the past few years, Meridia was one of the most popular prescription diet pills. It usually works by tricking the part of your brain that controls your food cravings. At is, if you’re on Meridia your calorie consumption is reduced because the drug makes you feel food with not as much food. However, Meridia was taken off the market in October 2010 after numerous reports of liver and heart damage and can no longer be legally prescribed as a weight-loss aid.

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