The Best Sleep Position For Your Body

How you sleep can have an impact on your overall health. Wrong sleeping positions can cause back and neck pain, sleep apnea, muscle cramping, fatigue, headaches, premature wrinkles, heart burn and so on. Although you don’t require any special skill to sleep, it is still not easy for some people. How do you sleep. Do you think you get in the right position when you sleep. Keep reading to know more.

1. Sleep on your side

When you sleep on your side, it helps to decrease acid reflux and elongate your spine, to save you from back and neck pain. You are also less likely to snore in this position, because your airways are open and they allow you to breathe comfortably.

2. The free-fall

This pose helps greatly to improve digestion. Lie on your stomach with your hands up around the pillow and your head turned to one side.

3. The fetal position

This is the most popular sleep position, adopted by 41% of adults in a survey of 1,000 people. This pose keeps you on your side usually the left with your torso hunched and your knees bent. It is often recommended for those pregnant, as it keeps both the mother and the fetus comfortable and helps to improve circulation. Try to straighten out your body as much as you can and avoid tucking your chin into your chest and pulling your knees up high, to get it right. Doing it the right way will prevent you from waking up feeling a bit sore, especially if you have arthritis or back pain.

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4. On your back

This is the best sleep position and it is quite unfortunate that only about 8% of people sleep on their backs. This pose allows your head, neck and spine to align right and maintain a neutral position. It reduces the risk of back or joint pain, because you aren’t contracting any of your muscles wrongly. It can also help reduce acid reflux, especially with a pillow that elevates and support the head comfortably, to enable a smooth passage of food down the digestive tract. If you suffer sleep apnea, this may not be the best idea for you, because your tongue may slightly block your breathing tube and you won’t find it comfortable. It can make you snore terribly.

You can try these sleeping positions and know which one is more comfortable for you.

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