The Best Swimming Strokes For A Full Body Workout

The Best Swimming Stroke for an Overall Workout1

So basically, we are going to look at different positions or swimming strokes which are best set for an overall workout. Assuming that you all know that not all types of swimming strokes achieve the same effect for fitness, and certain strokes are best for a full body workout.

Swimming in general is probably one of the best, fastest and most enjoyable forms of workout which doesn’t require much stress. It is said that one hour of swimming can burn up to 10 whole pounds. So to get your body burnign fat and working all the muscles groups, here are the 3 best strokes to use:

The Top Two: Muscles

This swimming position actually deals more with the movement of the muscles, and enables the fluent flow of the muscles as they contract with the joints. When doing this method, you can closely observe that the entire body is at motion.

Also take note of the amount of exertion the stroke places on these muscles. Now in freestyle, you observe that the muscles do reciprocate when in motion, so when one part of the body is working, the other is recovering for the next step. This is like a push and pull process.

The Top Two: Breathing

This stroke is kind of confusing when it comes to deciding which stroke is more compatible for an overall work out. However, the breath taken during this process is very important as we go. During freestyle, they are allowed to breath at each arm stroke but butterfly allows a breath at every arm stroke.

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The Butterfly Stroke

This stroke seems to be a little difficult as the steps involved are a bit hard, but on the other hand it is also the best as it allows the easy movement of the muscles and aids an easy workout. Before you do the butterfly step, firstly you should push yourself through the water with a hard kick to move forward and then another soft push your body upwards. In this stroke, your hands are positioned like a butterfly with the look of a sharp knife edge.

These 3 strokes will be perfect if your goal is a full body workout. Try them and you are sure to reap the benefits.

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