What Is The Best Time To Take A Calcium Supplement?

What Is the Best Time to Take a Calcium Supplement2

Do you take multivitamins early in the morning when you get up? The answer is probably yes. But here is what you did not know about taking supplements at different times of the day.

1. In the morning

A lot of the supplements can be taken in the morning with your breakfast. Multivitamins, vitamins C, B-complex and E are all suitable for morning consumption. There is something you should remember though: DO NOT take calcium supplements with your multivitamins that contain iron. This is because the calcium will interfere with the absorption of the iron. So if your multivitamins have any iron in them, make sure to take the calcium supplements with your meals throughout the day.

FUN FACT: Vitamin C helps with the absorption of iron so make sure to have some orange juice instead of that cup of coffee.

2. In the afternoon

You are free to take your multivitamins at lunchtime if you wish. Just remember to have food in your system before taking any multivitamins to aid in dissolution and absorption. However, the peculiar form of calcium you are taking will determine whether or not you should take it on an empty stomach or with food.

NOTE: Calcium Orotate is the best form of calcium supplement.

3. Night-time

Calcium supplements can be taken at night either during dinnertime or even before going to bed. Supplemental calcium is best in smaller, more frequent doses to support absorption.

So to answer the question, the best time to take calcium supplements depends on the form of calcium it is. But do make it a habit to take your multivitamins during the day, the best time being in the morning during breakfast.

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