Boosting the Left Hemisphere of Your Brain

Your brain is mostly made up of the cerebrum, which is divided into two parts and these are, the left and the right hemisphere. The left brain is a crucial part of your brain, as its functions are necessary to you. It is responsible for the mental activities such as processing language, analysis, logic and other mental activities. The hemispheres each communicate the opposite sides of the body’s muscles and senses. They communicate through a network of nerves called the corpus callosum. Everyone wants to be smart, as it will aid in making the decisions, that will benefit you in this fast paced world. In this article things which boost the left hemisphere of your brain will be revealed to you.

1.Mental exercises

This is one of the best ways to boost your left brain, because it is responsible for processing language, mathematics, puzzles or games. Anything concerning these, will help to sharpen the left hemisphere of your brain. This is because as you try to solve a puzzle electrical and chemical impulses travel among the neurons on your left brain, until you solve the puzzle. This way you sharpen your brain, as it identifies the solution, hence you are becoming smarter.

You could even play chess, which is a great game, as you try to outwit your opponents, using strategies and different plans. This game is a very good way for boosting the left hemisphere of your brain. It is the game you aim at taking the king of the opponent out at the same time, protecting your King. The one to first checkmate or take out the opponents King is the winner. It is on various laptops and can be downloaded from the internet.

 2. Physical exercises

Remember in the introduction, that I said both hemispheres control the opposite sides of the brain. Therefore, exercising the right side of your body will awaken the left hemisphere of your brain. In fact writing with your right hand can help you achieve this. Also some yoga poses and breathing exercises helps in balancing both sides of the body and mind. Besides exercise is beneficial not only to the brain but also the mind.

3. Music

Music is also a good way to stimulate your left brain, as it has been shown in various studies. It is a very good medication for stroke patients, who lose verbal memory. Even children with musical training develop better verbal memory, than those who lack the training. It is advisable to listen to music or even learn to play an instrument. Music also helps stimulate the right hemisphere of the brain.

These are just some ways one can boost the left side of his brain that is cerebrum.

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