How to Break Old Habits Towards Eating

When it comes to breaking old habits towards habits, we would realize it has nothing on whether we eat healthy but how much we eat. When we learn to control how much of what we eat, we would witness a huge difference in our weight minus exercising. Too much of a good thing has its own effect. It is the little habits that we take towards food that will change our live. Here are these few ways to help you.

1. Excessive snacking

The issue with this is that you might end up overeating minusing the fact this snacks have to be healthy as chips like pretzels, cookies etc. Are not the ideal choice. Healthy snacking is eating a snack or 2 in between meals, but eating even in the times you are supposed to be eating real meals may cause one to eat more than required as they would have no clue on how much they have taken in.

It deal with this, eat snacks in between times with  something that will provide energy and hold down hunger cravings, a sandwich, whole grain crackers, cereals and some yogurt and fruits are options to consider.

2. Mindless eating

To deal with this issue, switch off distractions like your phones, the television or any other thing and fix your mind on your food. If you feel like you are busy to do focus on your food or snacks, hold up time but to don’t skip a meal time.

Simply wait for a time you are less busy where you can eat in peace, eating healthy as this helps you pay attention to your body to know how much you should eat, if you are filled or you need a second helping, Mostly the first time is enough.

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3. If you eat your way Out of a bad mood

Eating out of a bad mood would cause you more harm than good. Instead of eating because you are angry, sad or frustrated will not do much except add more inches to your waistline. So before going to the cupboard or fridge, just try a walk, listening to music, call a friend, talking to somebody outside the situation always helps in relieving your mind from focusing on eating as a stress reliever.                                                                                       

4. If you eat carefully all week, then blow it on the weekend

Weekends are the periods more socializing happens and the best place to eat more than usual. Imagine eating healthy during the week and blowing up during the weekend. It makes all efforts wasted. To deal with eat something small, this will cause you to eat less when you go outside.

Also don’t restrict yourself from eating healthy throughout the week only to indulge during the weekends, you will eat twice the amount you’ve eaten all week. Eat little, now and then when it comes to pleasure foods and forget about it. See it as those things that’s on your list to do, that bores you and it becomes some few things to check of your list for the day. As looking forward to something will cause you to eat more.

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