How To Build Muscle Fast?

How to Build Muscles FastMany people who are beginning the body building journey (we like to call them ‘newbies’) if they are not smart, they could step on the wrong path. The wrong path is using drugs to build muscles, which you should stay away from.  I must say that these newbies don’t know that the start of the body building journey is the period in which they will grow muscle faster and easier.

Why? It’s because the body is new to the hard-training workout routines.The human body is something amazing. The human body adapts very fast to the environment to which it is being submitted to. This is very noticeable for a newbie body builder. Your body muscles are not used to lift heavy weights and” as a result your muscles need to grow in order to adapt to such environment.

The muscles ‘think’ they need to grow in order to handle this hard workouts easier next time. That’s how muscles grow and that is why you need to understand your body first instead of listening to advices that are not well supported.

In order for your muscles to grow faster you need to feed them. A good nutrition is essential for any bodybuilder because there is no magic in this game. Steroids can bring amazing results to your muscle growth but if you do not know how your body works you will lose all the muscle size you gained. Why? It’s because steroids bring short-term results. Their effect does not last forever and when it’s over you need to feed the muscles the natural way. Proteins carbohydrates calories etc… are the fuel your body needs.

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To grow muscles properly, make sure to workout on regular basis and increase the intensity as your body gets used to it. Beside the workout routine you also need good nutrition with the right mix of carbs and proteins.  You can get the proteins from the good you eat, egg whites, lean meat, fish etc. You can also gobble down protein shakes and a good set of vitamins. The key is to help your muscles’ recovery to be much faster and easier – protein does that well.

Shake and surprise your muscles. Why am I saying this? I mentioned earlier that the human body has the awesome capacity to adapt very easily to any environment. Therefore if you do the same workout month in and month out your muscles will grow to a certain level and get used to the exercise, which could result in plateau.  You need to increase the amount of weight vary the exercises and the techniques.

If you understand first how your body works, your muscle growth will be much faster. Be persistent and always change things up to make sure your body doesn’t get used to the workout routine.

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