How to Burn the Last Little Bit of Belly Fat


If you have lost some serious weight in the past couple of months with sheer effort and a clean diet but still can’t get those last few pounds off your waistline, then you must be disappointed for wasting all that effort. Our bodies stick to those last couple pounds of fat like an infant grasps his or her favorite toy.

There are numerous schools of thought about the best method to get rid of those last few stubborn remaining pounds, following these few instructions combined with a simple workout should do the job for you.

#1. Set Nutrient Ratios

While your calorie intake must be decreased to lose fat, certain individuals have sensitivities to carbohydrates or fats and seem to lose weight easily following a plan focused on the type of nutrition that suits their body specifically. As you get near your objective, it turns out to be more vital to track your intake of calories as well as the amounts of proteins, carbohydrates and fat you are using up.

In the event that you have hit a dead end ( are not losing weight anymore), consistently sticking to your new diet (i.e. taking in more proteins and reducing carbohydrates) can make the plan move in the right heading once more.

#2. Dietary Changes Required

While you don’t need to totally change your diet plan, you should consider cutting down on the amount of food you eat. The leaner you get the more difficult it becomes for you to lose more weight. So you might have to be a little harsh on yourself in terms of food intake. So get ready to avoid some foods you may love in order to lose the remaining fat.

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The foods that should be cut out of your diet means that you shouldn’t intake most sugar products, refined grains and liquor. Eating out at restaurants and in other social situations will be a test for you, since you’ll be sticking to a prohibitive food diet. Your intake of protein will likewise increase somewhat to speed up the additional time you spend at the gym to build stronger muscles, to raise your metabolic rate.

#3. Workout Requirement

The most effective exercise to lose those final pounds is to include an empty stomach cardio in your routine workout. It’s not an easy job to burn stubborn body fat, but this exercise will solve that problem for you. The logic behind this extra fat burn from this exercise has been explained by a study done at the University of Birmingham.

Two groups of people were assigned the tasks to carry out cardio exercises for an hour, one with an empty stomach while the other group had eaten a small meal before they started.

Athletes who exercised on an empty stomach consumed more fat and the only scientific reason behind that is the unavailability of any carbohydrates to your body that it could utilize in generating energy for the exercise. So working out is essential if you are serious about losing that fat.

These three simple steps shall be the key to losing that flabby skin hanging along your abs. If this method works for you or you have any other queries, just leave a comment below.

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