Can you lose 150 lbs in one year?


Losing weight is not everyone’s cup of tea. With that being said, it gets more and more difficult as your weight goal gets bigger and bigger. This is so because this means that to achieve your goal your entire lifestyle would have to undergo a drastic change. Most people would shudder at the thought but to achieve what you have never achieved before, you must do things that you have never done before.

Yes, you can.

The simple answer to your question is, Yes you can! You were not born with all of this weight and if you can gain it you sure can lose it too. For that you would need to totally dedicate yourself and make sure that you flip your lifestyle on its head. You will have to change your diet from the fattening foods to protein loaded meals. Your sedentary lifestyle would change and you would not have to be active and on your feet for the majority of the time.


If you do not believe this to be possible following is an ensemble of the various individuals who have already achieved this feat.

Travis Goodrich

He lost around 160 pounds over a span of 13 months

Marlon Gibson

After his wife once broke down because she didn’t think that he would be around to raise their children, Gibson turned his life around and within just 19 months lost 250 pounds.

Kishan Shah

He had had enough of being the fat kid and lost 210 pounds in 17 months after sticking to a strictly plant oriented diet.

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Using Science

1 pound of fat is equivalent to 3500 calories. This statement means that your body needs to be in a deficit of 3500 calories so that it can burn 1 pound of fat to provide energy for the activities. If you plan on losing 150 pounds in 365 days (52 weeks), you should aim to lose around 3 pounds every week. 3 pound would be equivalent to 10,500 calories per week and thus you would have to put your body in a deficit of 1500 calories per day to ensure that you are on your way on achieving your goal.

The above defined goal is a mammoth feat and you would have to control your diet and make sure you exercise vigorously to burn off your calories. You would also have to boost your metabolism to make sure that your body burns calories even while you’re just sleeping. All in all, this is difficult but still not impossible and if anyone can do it, it’s you.

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