This is How You can Safely Lose 20 Pounds In 14 Days

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Step 1

The optimal workout includes cardio, strength training, and flexibility exercises. Make sure your body is ready for the task at hand, which means you must start with a warm up. Gentle exercise — yoga, stretching, or leisurely walking — to rev up your circulation for 3 min.

healhty body infographic

Step 2

Here are different cardio ideas and calories each will burn. 10 to 30 min twice a day during the first couple of days. Amp up the time as your body gets used to cardio.

(Calorie burn is based on a 140-pound person exercising for 30 minutes) based on your weight, you may burn more calories.

Jogging: 223 calories

Walking: 127 calories

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Cycling: 159 calories

Swimming: 191 calories

Hiking: 191 calories

Climbing stairs: 191 calories

Rowing: 223 calories

Step aerobics: 191 calories

Dancing: 175 calories

Jumping rope: 255 calories

Elliptical trainer: 175 calories

Snowshoeing: 235 calories

Cross-country skiing: 255 calories

In-line skating: 223 calories

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