Body Detox

Body Detox

Body detox is the process of neutralizing the toxic effect of certain substances in the body. Detoxification is the process of removing the physiological effects of substances such as alcohol, addictive substances, poisoning, toxins or drugs from the body. It is the natural way of getting rid of the negative and poisonous effects of these

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5 Advantages of Quitting Diet Soda

These days, people are avoiding sugar sweetened beverages because they are detrimental to health. Diet sodas like Coke Zero and Diet Pepsi are becoming increasingly popular because of their low calorie and sugar contents. However, these drinks might not be a healthy choice. Here are 5 reasons why you should reduce intake of diet sodas.

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6 Easy Way To Detox Daily

6 Easy Way To Detox Daily 2

Anyone who knows the significance of detoxing daily knows that it helps to cleanse the liver and reduces inflammation in the digestive tract and the body. Even though our livers are our bodies’ own self-cleaning instrument, they can become easily overwhelmed by toxins from our food, excessive drinking, over the counter tablets, birth control pills

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