A Clean Eating Shopping List

Want to lose weight? Do you want to be free from health diseases? Want to boost your metabolism and your immune system? Want to feel energetic at all times? If the answer to these questions is a yes, then you must adopt a lifestyle of clean eating!

When you have just decided to adopt a lifestyle of eating clean, it may become difficult to know as to where to start from in the grocery store, and to identify as to which food is exactly good. To make matters easy for the beginners, I have compiled a clean eating shopping list!

You must ensure that you shopping list consists of food items that are low in unhealthy items such as unhealthy fat and carbs. Furthermore, you must make sure that you do not add in any type of soda drinks in your list.

1. Breads

The first thing to do is to grab the healthiest breads. Whole grain breads are the best and the safest choice. Trader Joe’s whole grain breads are definitely the best in the market.

2. Snacks

For your snacks, you may want to buy some crackers, such as the whole wheat crackers. You may also get hold of tortillas, but make sure that you chose the cleanest tortillas. Yet again, Trader Joe’s tortillas are the best!

3. Dairy Products

If you want milk, buy only raw milk. If you cannot find raw milk, then go for purely organic milk.
For yogurt, Greek yogurt is always the best choice, as it is completely fat free.
Make sure that you do not buy sweetened milk, of any form. Always look for unsweetened milk, in order to reduce sugar consumption.

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4. Poultry

Whole chicken, eggs, venison or buffalo beef, are the most beneficial and yummiest poultry options.

5. Fruits

Next, make sure to buy lots of fruits, as they are super healthy! Get hold of all kinds of fresh fruit available in the grocery store.

6. Vegetable

Vegetables are everyone’s best friend. The more the vegetables, the more the nutrients entering the body! So, grab a large bunch of all your favorite vegetables.

7. Other Items

If you like tea, buy only de-caffeinated or green tea. Get plain oatmeal for breakfast as well as nuts and chia seeds. Buy Real Salt at all times, and whole wheat flour.

Along with this list of super clean food items, make sure to stock up on lots of water, to keep yourself hydrated at all times!

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