Clean Your Liver and Lose Weight in 3 Days

Liver cleansing is extremely important. Liver plays an important part in stimulating the working of the metabolism system and helps in the creation of protein which are vital for numerous purposes. If the liver fails to perform at its best, it can result in blood problems, and excessive weight gain! To clean your liver and lose weight in 3 days, follow the tips mentioned in this article!

1. Lemon Water

Lemon water is extremely beneficial for detoxification of harmful ingredients from the body, and the liver. Moreover, lemon has properties which help the individual to shed weight fast, by speeding up the metabolism. Add lemon juice in warm water, and drink it every morning, empty stomach, for best results!

2. Lemon and Vegetable Water

Drinking this mixture for 3 days, 3 times in a day, can help to speed up the liver detoxification process. To make this mixture, all you need are three lemons, five steams of celery, at least six cups of water, and one cup of chopped parsley.

3. Green Tea

By introducing green tea in your routine, you can lose weight, and can effective drive out toxins from your body, and your liver.

4. Garlic

Making sure that you add garlic in all the food that you cook, can help to activate enzymes in the liver, which prompt the efficient working of the liver.

5. Cilantro

Many of you may be unaware of the fact that cilantro helps to drive out metal toxins from the liver, and can aid in weight loss.

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6. Turmeric

Just like all spices, turmeric helps to prevent liver from damage, and helps to encourage the regeneration of liver cells. Moreover, consumption of turmeric helps to increase the production of bile in the body, which helps to drive out all the harmful toxins!

7. Fruit Smoothies

Natural fruit smoothies have a number of organic acids that help to lower down the blood sugar levels, and help to burn the excessive unhealthy fat.

8. Avoid Certain Foods

Last, but most importantly, avoid foods that damage the liver. These
include fast food items, deep fried food, preserved meat, red meat fat, artificial sweeteners, and sodas!

Remember to clean your liver! Not only will liver cleansing help you to lose weight, but it will improve the overall workings of the human body as well! Liver is a very important organ, so try to ensure that you keep it away from all harmful ingredients.

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