How Colgate Negatively Affects Your Metabolism


You must have heard over time, how essential it is to brush your teeth daily, or even twice daily and it is probably beginning to sound cliched. But do you know exactly how your toothpastes works, and are you using the right toothpaste? Have you got any idea what the negative effects of making the wrong choice of toothpaste could be?

Although Colgate is one of the top selling toothpastes in the world today, a lot of people are unaware of its negative effect on health. It contains triclosan, which is used as a pesticide, and studies have shown that it lowers the thyroid hormone of animals when they are exposed to it, and thyroid hormones affect the metabolic rate, digestive function, muscle control, cell development, and the way the body processes nutrients. Triclosan can alter these functions, and researchers believe that it can lead to antibiotic-resistant superbugs.

You may be wondering why it is still being sold, and not banned. Well, although triclosan has its side effects, it still has many other positive benefits which include removing plaque and preventing gum diseases, faster than fluoride would. Not until the U.S Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is done with its research and declare it harmful, Colgate will still be sold, and according to Colgate, they believe their toothpaste is safe and will be proven right to the world soon.

Do you think you should change your toothpaste? Talk to your dentist to find out what toothpaste is right for you, and stay alert for updates from the FDA.

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If after reading this article, you decide to switch your toothpaste to some other brand that does not contain any harmful ingredients such as colgate does, then there are a lot of options to choose from. There are both synthetic and homeopathic alternatives for you to choose from to use to clean your teeth.

If you go for a synthetic, big brand name toothpaste, then carefully check what their ingredients are and research all of them to ensure that you don’t simply switch to another toothpaste that is just as, or more harmful, than colgate is.

If you go for the homeopathic methods, then also research which homeopathic toothpastes work best with their ingredients and then go to your nearest homeopathic store to get the toothpaste with only those ingredients that your research has shown to be useful in cleaning and preserving teeth and preventing teeth decay.


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