Comparing Body for Life to the Atkins Diet

You will find that neither diet requires you to count calories when you compare Body for Life to the Atkins Diet. On the other hand, you’ll spot some important modifications between each diet’s nutrition requests and exercise plan.

Atkins and Body for Life are very different in relation to their beliefs of what to eat and how to shed pounds. If you opt for Atkins, then you’ll have to make sure to take further steps in balancing vitamins and minerals. You will also have to harshly cut-off your carbohydrate consumption on the Atkins diet.

1. Eat 6 meals per day

  • Each meal should contain 1 protein portion ad 1 carbohydrate portion.
  • The portions should equal the size of your palm if you’re consuming meat or the size of your closed fist for larger foods like vegetables, fruits and whole grains.

2. Drink twice as much water on Body for Life

Try to drink a gallon of water every day on the Body for Life diet. That quantity is the same as 168-ounce glasses of water.

3. Add extra minerals and vitamins to your diet on Atkins

Body for Life doesn’t have supplementation requests. Take 1 fish oil capsule and 1 multivitamin daily on Atkins. Your multivitamins should not contain extra iron for the reason that the extra iron could cause constipation.

Eat more sodium on the Atkins diet. Low-carbs diet may leach potassium and sodium from your kidneys. For that reason, you should consume 2 cups of broth daily on Atkins, 2 tablespoons of soy sauce or 1/2 teaspoon of salt.

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4. Perform 20 minutes of cardiovascular exercise 

Your workout should involve of interval training following this technique, warm up for 2 minutes at temperate intensity, to some extent increase intensity for minutes 2 to 3.

Work your way to a high intensity phase you should be able to carry on a broken discussion, during minute 4. Maintain this intensity high through minute 5 and bring it back to a temperate phase during minute 6.

5. Consider cardiovascular exercise on the Atkins diet

Exercise is not compulsory during Introduction because of all of the physiological alterations that are going on in your body. Yet, when you reach Ongoing Weight Loss (OWL), you may add temperate cardio to your exercise routine.

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