Copping With Illness

If you have an illness it may be as a result of your health condition meaning that something is wrong with your health. Such can last for a long time or a short time and it can affect you seriously, especially in carrying out needed activities. A disease is an illness that is caused by bacteria or an infection.

If a person is diagnosed with a serious or a particular chronic illness such as cancer, arthritis or diabetes it can actually come as a blow, especially if one was having a great life. One may experience some weakness when diagnosed with such illness but you can always learn to manage these diagnoses.

Research shows that people who were going through some form of stressful activities or events before a particular diagnosis may find it very difficult to accept these diagnoses because of their historical life and events of stress, anxiety and depression.

They may have psychological problems. Example, diagnoses of diabetes often come with the feeling of guilt and shame. Another common reaction to chronic illness is grief, an individual who is diagnosed with a particular illness may have various stages of guilt, grief, anger and denial.
There may be a constant feeling of switching emotions everyday, like being happy today and sad or angry the next day. It is good to know that these feelings are normal and may always come.

1. Strategies on tow to cope with an illness

A research on breast cancer shows that women who actually resigned to their fate after being diagnosed had psychologically less well adjusted life three years later, than those who confronted their diagnoses.

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Write down your questions and find time to visit your physician to discuss them, also try to manage those areas you can control, you may not be able to control some aspect of the disease, but you can choose to eat healthy meals, do regular exercises and take prescribed medications to help you out.

Limit activities and events that are stressful, note that illness can be really stressful for the family and may not be unusual for disagreement to arise or strain experiences in a relationship. But try to keep communication open as possible by seeing things from other perspective. Encourage others to care for themselves too, your spouse and those around you.

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