What You Need To Know About Full-Body Workouts

What You Need To Know About Full-Body Workouts 1

In structuring the body you don’t have to overwork your system by training five or more days a week to see results. You just have to find the right day that it will easily fit into your schedule.

A full-body exercise encourages utmost muscle contraction, which permits full and rapid recovery so you can grow and still train, and also prevent those burnouts caused by over-training.

Here’s why you should do a full body workout:

1.  Saves time

Almost certainly, the main positive about training your entire body at once is that your visits to the gym will be greatly reduced to probably just two to three time every week. In addition, you’ll be spending an hour in the gym for every single period.

Remember, it’s all about the quality of your session, not the quantity of work you do.

2.  Enhances your cardio fitness

Performing a solid 2-4 sets per body part in a 1 hour workout period gets your cardiovascular system up to speed in no time.

Rules for full body workouts

1.  Train Once Every 2-3 Days

The main attraction of training only with weights every few days is that the days in between full-body workouts can be used as cardio sessions instead of depending on ineffective cardio attached at the end of the workout when you’re already tired.

2. Lift Heavy

If you’re not training heavy you’re not going to make any significant progress, no matter the program you are on. Make sure you keep your weights as heavy as you can.

3.  Keep your workout to an hour or less.

When you schedule your workout, always have it in mind that resistance training affects your natural muscle building hormones. Long exercises also boost levels of the catabolic hormone cortisol, which causes feelings of being stressed out.

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