Dancing to Burn Fat

Dancing can serve as a very important and crucial form of calorie burning aerobic exercises, which can translate into a reduction in body fat. It should be noted that because this is a weight reduction myth, there are no dance moves that will specifically help you lose fat from a specific part of our body.

However, when performed at fast paces, you can create the calorie deficiency necessary to lose overall body fat including specific areas of your body.

Latin dances

This includes the Rumba, Cha-Cha, Raggaeton and Salsa, all of which feature fast moves with a lot of quick footwork. The intense or quick dance moves in Latin Dance equates to higher caloric burn. You should consider trying the hip rolls, cha chas, multi directional footwork and the up-and-down shoulder movements to blast those calories.

Hip hop dance moves

This features quick movements with moderate impact set to modern hip hop music. Practicing fast hip hop moves can burn roughly 446 calories per hour. Hip hop moves are an aggressive and energetic form of dance and include moves such as locking, popping and breaking as well as hopping, hip isolations, shrugging shoulders and quick turns. Hip hop is based on free styled moves rather than choreographed moves.

Benefits of dancing

Perform dance moves frequently to reap additional psychological and physical benefits. Alongside losing unwanted fat and weight management, dancing offers numerous advantages which includes improved muscle tone, better coordination, increased flexibility, improved aerobic conditioning and reduced susceptibility to diseases such as osteoporosis and heart disease, according to the Better Health Channel.

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Dance may provide you with mental, emotional and psychological benefits as well, such as improved mental functioning, increased self-confidence, and heightened psychological well-being.

So inculcate dancing into your daily routine and begin to see its many wonders as you begin to realize your weight loss goals.

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