How to Deal With Eye Problems

The eyes organs for our visual system and the fact is that you can never buy another eye to replace your eye when you are suffering from defects in your eyes. Instead, you must find ways to correct these defects and take care of your eyes, as they are irreplaceable.  Sometimes, things that irritate your eyes are allergies, common cold, dust or dry air. Some symptoms of these irritations are dry eyes, red, itchy, watery eyes and others symptoms. There are some traditional herbs found in commercial eye drops that can solve these problems. Here are some things that you can do for your eye when faced with these kind of eye issues.

1. Food

Eating the right kind of food is a good way to treat some types of eye irritations. Eating foods that contain Vitamin A and Beta-Carotene is good for the eye. Vitamin A protects the surface of the cornea, which is the transparent layer forming the front of the eye and is dome shaped. A very good example of what you should eat is carrot. It is a plant source of Vitamin A and is very good for treating dry eyes. There are animals that contain Vitamin A, such as beef, liver and similar food products. Foods that contain Vitamin A that are good for the eyes are parsley, beef, gooseberries and others.

2. Topical treatments

This is another effective way of dealing with eye irritations. These are very effective at treating symptoms of red and itchy eyes. You could wash your eyes with creams made from marigold, coriander or chamomile. Different kinds of teas have also been used to be pressed over the eye. It is boiled in hot water and then allowed to cool, after which it is placed over the eye.

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3. Expert treatment

Dr. J. Song and others in April 2010 did a study and their research found that bilberry extract is very good for the physiological renewal and homeostasis of corneal epithelial cells. In other researches from various experts around the world, it has been established that a single-dose of euphrasia, also known as eyebright, is very good for various conjunctival conditions. Herbal remedies such as butterbur, Urtica dioica and even some dietary products like spirulina are effective for the treatment of eye irritations.

Keep in mind though that before using herbal treatments, you should get your eyes checked by a professional to make sure that you do not have a serious eye condition.

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