Depressed? 4 Mental Tricks To Turn It Around

Depression is one dangerous threat towards your hopes, desires and motivations. It drains all positive vibes from your mind making you less motivated. Overcoming this constant curse of sadness isn’t an easy task but at the same time you may not call escaping depression as an impossible task.

This will definitely test your will and ability to overcome negative vibes. Seeing light from a long dark tunnel is an ability which is very rare. The key to escaping from depression is to start from small baby steps and build up on it. Following are a few important tricks you may follow to kill depression:

1. Positive vibes only

This is the first and foremost trick that you need to master. Every time something negative comes to your mind, you shall possess the power to decline the thought immediately. Moreover you shall also think about a rather positive alternative to replace the negative thoughts present in your mind.

For example, if you get thoughts about how bad you are at playing football you should start thinking about how you will train and improve yourself instead of being sad about it. This will turn despair into motivation instantly.

2. Don’t over-think

Over thinking is one of the most common fuels that power up depression. If you think a lot about anything with negativity in your mind, a time will come when you’ll start focusing on its negative aspects only. You’ll ignore all the positives because according to human instincts we focus on the negative things more. Just make your mind about something and finalize your decision to avoid any over thinking.

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3. Smile more often

Practices that lift your mood or make you happy instantly can be a source of killing depression. Smiling every time will leave a pleasant impression on people around you along with being good for yourself. In a study, scientists wore the participants off their willpower by making them resist temptations for a while.

Then for one group they took advancements to make them happy by showing them funny clips or giving a gift. While on the other hand, second group just rested for a period of time. After that, people from the first group proved to be better at resisting temptation.

4. Help others

Always be there for your friends and family and help them out in any way that you possibly can. That way people will also start caring more about you and at the same time you’ll feel inner satisfaction by helping others.

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