Desserts That Help You Lose Weight

The most common misconception about desserts is that they make you fat. Sweet food may contain little more calories than regular salty or tasteless stuff but this does not in any way mean that it will make you fat instantly. Fitness experts and millions of fit and slim people around the world also eat desserts with their meals.

They stay in shape at the same time. Mostly it’s not about eating something high on calories. Rather it is about the quantity of the item you consume. Here is a list of healthy desserts that will act as your helpers to lose weight:

1. Dark chocolate-drizzled popcorn

Dark chocolate is the ultimate craving killer for people with a sweet tooth. You can have a couple of pieces of it after your meals but it can also serve as a perfect bedtime snack. Go for any dark chocolate brand that has less than 72% cocoa in it.

Add flavor or a few spices with it for taste but try to avoid butter since its high on calories. For this you’ll need to find the healthiest brand of instantly microwaveable popcorn that does not contain any artificial harmful elements. My personal suggestion is Quinn Popcorn. Don’t get any other regular brand without investigating about it as it may have opposite effects on your weight.

2. Chia pudding

You may be a vegetarian needing your requirement of omega-3 fatty acids. Chia seeds are the answer to all your omega-3 needs. Add low fat cream to make the perfect Chia pudding.

The reason for this item being helpful for weight loss is that your body needs to do some effort to extract the nutrients from the physical covering of these seeds. Chia seeds are also a great source of cell collection, calcium, iron and fiber for the human body.

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3. Greek yogurt fruit tart

If you are feeling hungry and not being able to sleep, this is your snack. Greek yogurt is unlike regular or full fat yogurt contains as it contains less than half the amount of fat and is healthier for people that want to lose weight. If you want taste or variety in the snack, you could add up small dark chocolate chips. Greek yogurt can also be used as a dip for strawberries or other fruits. Mixing the yogurt with frozen fruit could make the best outcome for you.

Fruits are already high on water levels and pretty beneficial. But the thing with frozen fruits is that when you eat frozen or cold stuff, your metabolism increases while trying to warm the food and bringing it to body temperature. According to a study by Dr. Brian C. Weiner, frozen food creates the greatest calorie deficit burning up to 160 calories to digest 1 liter. That is why fruits and drinks should be preferred frozen during the summer.

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