The Different Hunger Scales


This is all about intuitive eating, that is,  trusting yourself to know when to stop eating at a normal rate. It is knowing when to stop when you’ve started eating and to follow the various signs on the scale in your head. It has proved very helpful as some people believe that dieting doesn’t work and it is all about trusting yourself, your body to let you know when to stop and to follow the order to stop.

It is eating without guilt as most diets tend to make one feel and to eat attentively without feeling distracted, paying attention to the signals your body is showing you. Here is a hunger scale to act as a guide for you;

The Hunger Scale

10 – STUFFED: so full that you feel nauseous

9 – VERY UNCOMFORTABLY FULL, that you need to loosen your clothes

8 – UNCOMFORTABLY FULL: you feel bloated

7 – FULL: you feel a little bit uncomfortable

6 – PERFECTLY COMFORTABLE: you feel satisfied

5 – COMFORTABLE: you’re more/less satisfied, but could eat a little more

4 – SLIGHTLY UNCOMFORTABLE: you’re just beginning to feel signs of hunger

3 – UNCOMFORTABLE: stomach is rumbling

2 – VERY UNCOMFORTABLE: you feel irritable & unable to concentrate

1 – WEAK & LIGHT-HEADED: your stomach acid is churning

** Begin eating when you’re at a 3 or 4

** Stop at 5, if you’re trying to lose weight

** Stop at 6, if you’re wanting to maintain your weight

The more you practice this, you become more aware of how you eat and what you can do to change that. It is you being at peace with food, and yourself.

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