How Dirty Hands Can Destroy Our Health (Ready)

The body needs to be cared for in order to function properly and this involves meeting up with certain health requirements to keep the body sound and fit. Good health involves proper up-keep and failure to do so can greatly affect your health. A great way to achieve this is by practicing proper hygiene.
It should be noted that dirty hands can have a huge effect on our body’s health. Research shows that our hands are the easiest way to actually transmit germs to the body. The research further reveals that even after our hands are washed, we may still come in contact with germs.

It is advisable to always keep our hands clean. This is vital because germs could be hiding anywhere on our hands, especially in long nails that are not clipped often. So no matter how clean you think your hands are, there are always some germs lurking somewhere to infest the body.
We should not touch the following parts of our bodies with our bare hands, especially when they are dirty:

1. The face

We unconsciously place our hands on our face several times in the day, especially when our minds get carried away. You may not be able to recall where you last put your hands and this can leave your face infested with bacteria which often leads to breakouts. Your hands should always be washed to avoid being infested with germs or bacteria.

2. The butt

It is always advisable to wash your hands after visiting the toilet as this is where bacteria resides. Although this is not common practice, it is also equally important to wash your hands before using the toilet as your hands might have already been contaminated and you don’t want any weird stuff going on down there.

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3. The eyes

Germs can easily be introduced to the body by just touching your eyes with dirty hands and this can lead to infections that can affect the entire body in a short amount of time. Wash your eyes with clean water when you need to, and avoid rolling your hand on them.

4. The Nose

A study revealed that about 51% of the people that pick their nose had the chance of carrying harmful bacteria that can cause several illnesses such as boils, food poisoning, and so on.

Note that other important parts of the body that you shouldn’t touch with your bare hands are the mouth, ears, etc.

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