Dos And Don’ts For Dealing With Anger

Anger is considered to be a very harmful human emotion by most people. What we don’t understand is that if it is treated and dealt with properly, it can also be productive for you in many ways. People undergo various anger management courses to avoid any harm done by them to themselves or someone else when occupied by the state of constant aggression.

Only If you follow a simple Dos and Don’ts list when you are angry, you’ll surely be free of any harm anger might do to you. A list below mentions what to do when you are angry and what to avoid.


Following are the things you should consider doing:

1. Be competitive

You can be more and more competitive using your anger. But that feeling should be kept positive. You should use the fire inside you and direct it towards winning everything you want to. There isn’t anything better than anger for motivation towards winning or achieving a goal. Even if a goal seems impossible, you can achieve it if anger is utilized properly.

2. Relax

Relaxation not only improves your self control but it also helps you in improving focus, self awareness and management of your stress. Regular meditation will help you improve your relaxation abilities.

Meditation for as long as eight weeks can bring about astonishing changes in your state of mind making you a better person in one way or another. With all these benefits on its side, meditation should be pretty difficult to let go if you want to improve self control. Just spare a few minutes from your routine to help yourself relax.

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3. Use “I” in your speech

This way you won’t make use of the word “you” and hence won’t abuse anyone or even point negativity at them. Just start everything you talk about from yourself and end it on you without arguing.


Following are the things that must be strictly avoided while you are angry:

1. Use cheap tactics

Don’t use any cheap tactic or below the belt blow to make your opponent look lower than you. You will be a better person only if you show respect to people that show hatred towards you. Greatness cannot be achieved by being selfish.

2. Get discouraged

Don’t get discouraged from anything or anyone that tries to pull you down. Just stay focused and do not accept defeat at any cost. Keep bouncing back harder and stronger for your goals.

3. Speak when the matter is heated

When you get into a fight and both sides are equally angry. You should be the first one to take a step back. These times really tell what a person is made of and you should prove your calmness in these times.

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