Could Early Exposure to Ultrasound Cause Autism?

The cause(s) of autism have long been a controversial debate in the both medical field and at home among family members. Some individuals have linked vaccinations to autism but is something I find to be baseless according to the research papers I have read.

A study from the University of Washington Health Sciences has stated that babies exposed to diagnostic ultrasound during the gestation period in the first trimester along with having a class of genetic disorders have an increased risk of autism severity.

The study was published in Autism Research on the 1st of this month and its aim was to show the different variants symptoms among children that suffer from autism and not the causes of the disease. In the study, 7% of the children had most of the variations.

The Food and Drug Agency in the U.S.A have recommended diagnostic ultrasound to be used only when absolutely necessary.

In this study, no link was found between autism and medical ultrasound in the first trimester which still begs the question, “What causes autism in children?”. Another anomaly is the difference in the levels of intelligence amongst children suffering from autism. The study of was based on three variables; genetic vulnerability, outside stressor and lastly, the third implies that the outside stressor will have a negative effect on the child at a particular period in time during the child’s development. The ultrasound is an outside stressor–just one of them–and was the topic of this study.

In an earlier study a couple of years ago, researchers found that mice that were exposed to ultrasound exhibited symptoms indicative of autism.


At the end of the day, scientists still cannot give us the cause(s) of autism and it continues to be a heartbreaking and gut-wrenching battle for families whose children suffer from it. I hope that in a few more years to come, autism will no longer be a problem for the world.

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