What to Eat After Doing a Dry Fast

Recovering from a dry fast might not be as easy as you think. As most people who undergo this period quickly jump back to eating solid foods which are totally unhealthy, as you tend to eat more and eat everything you see. This can go on for weeks, so whatever weight loss goal you were hoping on meeting or continuing has crashed and you’re back to square one. However there is a way to recover form a dry fast, only it doesn’t involve food immediately. Here is how to go about it.

1. Start by sipping water

You do not want to rush into eating solids, as it would wreak havoc to your digestive system and your weight in all. So start with water. Don’t drink water quickly. Take in some water and hold it in your mouth for a couple of minutes and then slowly drink. Until you gain momentum to drink according to your thirst, do not eat solid for the first 5 hours, until you can drink another glass without feeling sick.

2. Fruits and water

Add lemon or fruits and steep in your water. Allow the fruits flavor to seep in the water. This would encourage your mouth and senses to get accustomed to other thirst. Keep drinking until the need to actually eat something. Yes this need would be present from the period your fast is over, but it would be wise to hold up and drink till dinner.

3. For dinner go broth

This is a vegetable soup only you are going to eat with one kind of vegetable, then you head to eat fruits for breakfast and drink more fruit flavored water and pure water. For dinner another broth but with additional kind of vegetables.

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4. Go for protein

Naturally after the fast and by drinking water your system is clearing from every toxin level. At this stage you can eat solid only in small portions. Aim for protein foods or meals, fresh and clean. No carbohydrate in any way. This will work your bowel movement, you are getting your body to get used to eating and eating healthy. You don’t want to start all over gain and get to square 1.

5. Go for balanced diet

You are to eat everything protein for 2 weeks maximum before going into the carbohydrates diet. This should not have excessive carbohydrates but a balanced meal of all the food groups with protein, vegetables and fruits occupying the highest portion of your plate.

6. Your drinks

Avoid alcohol, sweetened drinks that have sugar or gas. Aim for more water and fruit flavored water. Consume vegetables and fruits in raw form, juice form or cooked. At least for a month before indulging in things like sweetened drinks. It is not an easy task, but it is of great worth.

Image courtesy of: foodforfitness.co.uk.

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