How to Eat Like a Fitness Model

When you see models on the television, most times you envy them, on the almost perfect body they have, you sometimes think and wish you could get such body. People often think that most models go through a lot, especially when it comes to eating. They feel they could take a lot of drastic measures to maintain the type of body size they have, which includes dieting and taking pills. Some even feel that, most models go to the extent of eating and throwing up for them to have a good body posture, these ideas people have about models and their feeding habit isn’t always true.

1. Food philosophy of a healthy model

You can adopt the feeding philosophy of a healthy model, you don’t have to diet or throw up after eating or even take pills. You just have to eat healthy, make clean eating part of your life style since you love food, try as much as possible to learn about food that are really healthy for your body. Eat a lot of balanced diet and incorporate a lot of vegetables and fruits in your diet, avoid junk and a lot of processed food.

2. Try a model’s diet

Some models diet in an unhealthy way while, others diet in a very healthy way. If you wish to diet like a healthy model, ensure you avoid sugar, asides the natural sugar that comes with  fruits and vegetables. Avoid starchy foods and eat more vegetables and meat. Also avoid gluten and wheat and reduce your intake of diary products. Natural yogurt and cottage cheese are advisable because they are low in lactose.

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3. Go ahead and eat what you love

Since you love food so much and still wish eat like a model, go ahead and eat what you love but keep it moderate. Don’t take ice cream everyday because, that is what you love, you can take healthy ice creams but occasionally, it should be taken once in a while and in a moderate quantity.

4. Health benefits

When you follow these steps and eat healthier and cleaner, you will lose body fat and have less fluid retention and body inflammation. You will also notice that your cravings for unhealthy food will drastically reduce.

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