Eat More to Weigh Less


This is probably one of the troubling ironies you’ve come across lately. The question on your mind right now should be: ‘how do I weigh less when I eat more?’. Such irony! It is true that almost every information that you find about weight loss will encourage you to eat less in order to lose weight, but it is really not true in all cases. You don’t have to starve to lose weight, which can actually be dangerous for you or worsen your situation.

Fat slows down your metabolism

Although when you eat more, your body stores extra fat on the body, but then, you shouldn’t eat less energy than the body requires. When the latter happens, the body tends to make good use of the little food it can get, then it stores it as fat and begins to provide energy to your body via your muscle mass. This muscle mass is deprived of food, hence it is not replaced when it is used up, and this can slow down your metabolism.

One logical thing that many people fail to understand is that the more muscles you have, the more fat you burn while at rest. When you do not feed enough to get this muscle, there will be no adequate energy for fat loss to take place.

Eat healthy

Rather than cutting down on your meals and depriving yourself of eating enough, why not draw out your plans about foods to and not eating them? Focus on protein-rich meals that can help you to build muscle mass, and quit those fatty foods that will do your body more harm.

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Learn to eat breakfast every single morning, no matter what, as it is a very important meal that promotes strength throughout the day. Then eat a proper lunch, and then a healthy dinner, which should probably be the smallest of all day meals. Meanwhile, you should snack 3 hours after every meal you have taken (asides dinner), in order not to feel hungry.

Incorporate more fruits and vegetables into your diet, and ensure you are feeding yourself healthy foods! Eating more will not actually ruin your waistline like you think; you only need to eat right, even if it is more than you should eat.

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